John Terry Speculation

John Terry Speculation


The Birmingham Mail have speculated about Harry Redknapps ambition to try and sign John Terry as he confirms his exit from Chelsea this season. You can read the full article here.

Redknapp of course has a close relationship with Terry and to bring the former England Captain in would be a huge achievement. Terry is coming to the end of his football career and may fancy a stint somewhere else, although I’d expect this in reality to be either in Yank-land or China, and Redknapp has already indicated he will be looking to strengthen his backline.

I’m going to be extremely speculative here and say “Who knows” as anything is always possible. Terry is (Or was) an ambassador for Help Harry Help Others which is a charity linked with the club, massively stretching this thin link the dots are there. Redknapp has also suggested that he would then look to appoint Terry manager, for such an assertion to be possible it does make me think perhaps Redknapp is lined up for the back office as he would then be able to appoint Terry and with this as an additional incentive it’s never completely out of the realms of possibility.

One stumbling block will certainly be wages and another may be JT’s own ambition. I say his wages will be a stumbling block which his will 99.9% be, but we’ve not got any idea currently as to what the budget will be this summer.

Zola’s appointment cannot have been cheap and nor can Redknapp’s, whilst a formerly proposed figure of £3m per year does seem excessive and is most probably unlikely both these managers potentially indicate that TTA have some money they are willing to invest above what they’ve previously suggested HK$120m, which was due to be used for investment on and off the pitch along with day-to-day operating of the club.

I’m sure that Terry won’t be the last high-profile player that is associated with the club and as unlikely as it is, imagine.


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