Wolves vs Blues: Reflections

Wolves vs Blues: Reflections

Blues suffered a second successive defeat and decided to pile on the pressure as Harlee Dean saw red, meaning he’ll be out for the remainder of the season now. I really do keep thinking in the back of my mind how this run seems to be mirroring January, I can only pray we’re not 2 games into an 8 straight defeat run as that would almost certainly see us down.

The game itself was controlled by Wolves for large parts but they didn’t run rampant as many expected, given Wolves were already promoted and Blues could still face the drop it wasn’t too apparent during the game itself. In fact at 1-0 you thought there was a chance Blues could pull something back and then when Dean went off it looked as though the players wanted to make sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

Blues lacked the clinical finish once again, creating chances but not taking them. They could have taken the lead early on but instead allowed Wolves own Jota to open the scoreline, Blues could have equalised in the second half too but after a scuffle in the box Wolves managed to counter and score.

The big talking point for me is the sending off. As soon as the challenge was made I thought it would be a red, it’s only really the technicality of the challenge preventing a clear cut chance and in this instance I think it’s easy to argue both points but I think Dean was right to make the challenge.

Wolves were through and looking to double their lead, at that point keeping a draw within reach was imperative which is why I think that spell after was probably the best football Blues played during the game.

I’ve seen a lot about how negative the line up was and it’s definitely the first time we’ve seen such a defensive selection from Monk. It was a choice the manager thought was best against the best team in the division and it didn’t pay off, I don’t think we can hold that against him, especially with the selection headaches he has.

Finally, Ndoye! He wasn’t as bad as usual, he instead seemed to fade into the background which is a slight improvement but how this bloke is continually finding himself in the team is beyond me, he really must be doing something spectacular in training.

It’s a tough one to swallow and Blues now find themselves a mere two points from safety but even more concerning, Barnsley have a game in hand on Blues. The next three fixtures are going to be huge, Blues have the ability to survive they’re just going to have to fight for it!

One thought on “Wolves vs Blues: Reflections

  1. Garry Monk has inherited a bunch of mainly below average championship players, which is a result of previous bad management ( of the club by the Directors ) and from not bringing in the right players last summer. He has now moulded them into a well organised team who unfortunately still struggle to score goals. We are now creating at least two or three clear cut chances every game, which we did rarely before Monk arrived, but don’t convert them. Colin had two clear cut chances against Wolves and Juke another one. Adams and Gallagher should be back for the last three games, hopefully they will stick away some of the chances that come their way. We aint finished yet.

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