The Whiskey Corner: Bushmills Original

It’s another Irish Whiskey that’s on review in The Whiskey Corner this week and this time it’s one of my all time favourites, Bushmills Original. It’s a nice and easy Whiskey that’s readily available almost anywhere, certainly in most supermarkets and it’s literally been just over 12 months since I first had the pleasure of tasting this one.


Bushmills is the oldest licensed distillery in the world at 1784 but dates back as far as 1608. It’s based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, not far from the river Bush which passes through the Giant’s Causeway and the website describes it as “Not the best because it’s the oldest, but the oldest because it’s the best.” Once one of the first distilleries to make both Single Malt and Blended at the same site.

The first time I tried this one I’d received it as a gift as I left one of my previous jobs, I instantly fell for it and probably went through the bottle in about a week! I knew despite being an entry level whiskey that this one had to be reviewed.

It’s a blended whiskey, triple distilled in copper stills and finished in oak bourbon casks. It comes in at 40% ABV and is a light straw-like colour. The bottle is a white label which is what this one is also known as has the Bushmills icon and it generally retails for about £20 a pop.

On the nose this one is quite sweet and mostly grainy, it’s got a slight metallic tinge to it which is no doubt down the the copper stills used. To taste there is a nice bit of spice, honey and vanilla tones that are short on the tongue leaving a slightly metallic bite.

It’s recommended that you use a mixer with these types of whiskeys but if you ask me it’s one that is very enjoyable straight. I’d recommend this and it’s easily a comfortable 4/5.



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