When the Lacoste Tracksuits Ruled The Manor

Back in the day when I was a teenager (Me Jet and Joe used to play with danger), I vividly remember wanting a Lacoste Tracksuit, they were everywhere, everyone had one and they looked the bollocks. I can already practically hear people shout “Chav” at the very notion of having wanted a Lacoste Tracksuit back then, but the fact that I didn’t care then means I still don’t care now, plus back then I fit into a wide spectrum of style although at the same time didn’t fit into any.

lacoste track.jpg

For me it was more than just the fact everyone had one, I loved the material, I loved the different styles, they came in bright colours or less conspicuous so you could brighten things up or just look fresh, they were always stand out but sadly they were always well outside of my price range and the parents were not about to drop 100+ quid on a tracksuit for me. Despite the price though the tracksuit did rule supreme.

Of course being such a popular yet expensive set of garms the fakes started floating about. You’d see people on the manor with Crocodiles looking disfigured or metal ones or, what was always the biggest give away, halfway down the leg of the bottoms where other brands would put their logos. Not one to wear moody clobber though I refrained from joining in with these (That said I’m not sure how legit the Nike Air Max Tracksuit I got from the Swan could have been) and instead looked on enviously.

The tracksuits were that popular that some people would do anything for them including rob them, there were stories of people getting jacked for their tracksuits which I initially didn’t believe until I nearly witnessed it myself walking home from Dorridge one cold winter night. We were still in school and had been kicked out of a house party we were supposed to be stopping in, there were no busses and we didn’t have enough taxi fare so we embarked on the long hike from Dorridge to Yardley.

As we neared Land Rover two conspicuous looking olders jumped out from a bush, looking back you half have to question what the pair were doing in the bush but heyho we didn’t think to ask that, there was the usual stand off as they looked to jack us with the fat one then adamant he would have taken the tracksuit off the smallest one of us if it wasn’t for our mate being so small. Anyway we continued our frustrating venture and as the two bandits returned to the bush there was the now classic line, “It wasn’t because I was too small, it was because you’re too fucking fat!”

Nowadays there doesn’t particularly seem to be anything that dominates like the Lacoste Tracksuit did, it’s easy to look at it as simple a chav outfit but it’s not, it’s a staple part of British culture and I think it’s time the 00’s became retro enough to get one again. I’ve always wanted one and think now’s the time to bring them back!

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