England, Champions of Europe

Both European competitions have all English finals this year meaning that no matter the outcome, the silverware will be coming to our green and pleasant land. This can only be a good thing, especially following the investments in grass roots and the further development of football in England.

The FA, despite their own flaws, have worked hard to get here and hopefully it’s a good omen for the UEFA Nations League of which England will face the Netherlands in the Semi Finals of next month. It’s important for England as a country either at national or club level, that when it comes to these kind of tournaments our opponents look at us and know it’s going to be a struggle.

An English dominance has fallen away of the last few years and it’s been 7 year since and English Club last won the Champions League but you can see by the renewed energy at the top of the Premier League that things have changed again. Football ebbs and flows, more so in England than in other leagues, but the fact that there are so many top teams who’ve made the season so entertaining along with the title going down to the last day. I really feel English Football has stepped up a gear.

If England can mirror the success of club level at national level, starting with the Nations League, I do think their fortunes during the World Cup could see them potentially win the Euro Finals. Perhaps it’s a big jump but I’m not sure, I do think all the signs are there, I think we could be entering another of England’s Golden Generation which will ultimately be good for all levels of the footballing pyramid and the country in general.

Might have to send the lads in for Brexit talks they’ve got Europe in their pocket so much.

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