Flip Some Beer Mats – Cold Bath Brewing Co Microbrewery

So over the early may bank holiday my better half and myself headed for a few nights away up north in Harrogate. Not a place I was too common with, I knew it was famous for water but what would a pub reviewer know about water?

I set myself a task of finding somewhere special in Harrogate and it had plenty to offer.

We set off from the Crowne Plaza where we were staying and walked towards the town, we soon came across a wine bar, then immediately over the road something caught my eye. The Cold Bath Brewing Company.

It looked very plain from the outside with a seating area in front of lots of window panes.

The Decor is very stripped back, copper topped bar with taps on a wall behind light bulbs draped from the ceiling like a work site random pictures and signs on the wall and even a door and bike hanging from the walls. As you get to the bar and look up you can see all of the brewing equipment in its entirety. I really didn’t expect to find something like this. Even my Mrs is impressed.

There’s 11 taps on a wall behind a brass topped bar along with a multitude of craft cans and bottles. I ask about a recommendation and I’m recommended a Fruit Lupe 4.8% by Brass Castle, which is absolutely banging. The Mrs goes for a local Harrogate blueberry gin with lemonade and it all comes in at a very good price of £10.85. £4 cheaper than the pub we watched Man United draw woefully against Huddersfield in earlier on.

With a background sound consisting of rock, indie and classics twinned with its quirky vibrant nature,I can see why the place is so popular. We wait 5 minutes at the bar before getting a table and sitting down. Turning around behind our seats, they have a prison letter from Ronnie Kray on the wall too. This place is pretty special. Even the other half is sat saying how much she like this place.

A more mature crowd which definitely suited us to the rustle and bustle up in the town from the sports bars and what not.

The perfect place for the late 20 something’s and upwards to sit and enjoy a different beer in a nice relaxed atmosphere.

One I would definitely recommend. This place is perfect

5/5 beer mats and one I will definitely be returning to again.

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