Peak of the Week: Doom Bar Amber Ale

It’s that time again and this week’s Peak of the Week is another quite popular ale that is quite common on the pump in most backstreet boozers, even those that possibly focus more on Carling than a decent range of beers will manage to find space for this beer so I was certainly looking forward to it once I spotted it in Asda.


Doom Bar is brewed by Sharps Brewery, another Cornish Brewery with the beer itself named after the sandbank of the same name on Cornwall’s north coast. Beginning life in 1994, Sharps Brewery began life as a micro-brewery founded by Bill Sharp determined to put the spirit of Cornwall and the energy of the place they live into every beer, even 25 years on and now being part of Molson Coors Brewing Company.

So to the beer itself, it comes in a clear bottle that shows off the amber liquid within it. The label is a shiney blue label containing the name of the beer as well as providing a brief description along with beer notes. The bottle has a silver cap to keep it sealed.

As I opened the beer the initial bit on the nose prior to pouring was a bit malty with some woody notes, it poured quite heavily, sloshing out producing a decent head but not a sustainable one as it faded quite quickly. As it was pouring there were further aroma’s unlocked including a sweeter aroma that came across a bit like liquorice.


I was intrigued by it even if I wasn’t quite as eager, it wasn’t a beer I’d previously been eager to drink even if it wasn’t one I particularly avoided. I had a swig and there was a well balanced sweet and bitter that was overall refreshing, there were also hints of honey, orange and spices.

It was a pleasant beer, easy drinking and at 4.6% wasn’t the strongest of beers so a few could certainly be enjoyed but for me it was a 3/5.


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