The Monk Effect

The second post I’ve done this year in honour of the main man, Sir Gary Monk but as the season has come to an end now I thought it would be appropriate to truly reflect on how much he’s done for the team, the club and us the fans this season.

Gary Monk is the first manager since Rowett to be given a full season at the helm, that’s a period of about three years of which the club has been uncharacteristically inconsistent with its management and it’s undeniable that the team has suffered as a result. It’s not just that, the managerial switches have been costly for the club impacting their overall FFP which subsequently meant points as well.

Over the years we’ve had the likes of nice football from Zola which failed and put visible strain on the Italian, Redknapp who tried to do his usual bankrupt a club and Cotts who absolutely melted down and tried hard to blame everyone but himself. Monk seems to have understood the team in the same way as Rowett did, he’s managed to grind out results and has the admiration of the fans too and has so far avoided being sacked for allegedly talking to another club.

Of course, it’s silly season and Monk has done exceptionally well at Blues so already the dots are being connected, the media is throwing stuff in its pot to mix and we’ve already seen Monk connected with the Baggies job (Which currently isn’t available and Baggies are in the play offs as it is), but I’m sure this will be the first of a few rumours. I’m surprised he’s not yet been linked with the Brighton job that Houghton was relieved of this week but maybe that’s news for next week that they’re saving?

Gary Monk has been actively engaging with the fans, meeting the lad who got his face tattooed on him, belling the first person to renew their season ticket, going out with the Horsefield Foundation and giving back to the community, even his comments thanking fans “off and on” the pitch show that we’re in his minds as much as he is ours. Monk has been an exceptional personality for us and that’s before we even get to how he’s galvanised the squad.

Monk has made it clear that there won’t be a summer of spending, there are still constraints around future business but the way he’s spoken of it you get the impression it’s a man that will be here next season. Monk has had a few short seasons during his managerial career so far so I’m not sure he’ll be looking to fly the nest anytime soon. I think he is after support from the board to at the very least ensure that everyone is on the same page, but a small amount of money seems to be okay for him and we’ve seen the club do well from the bargain bucket in the past.

Monk really does seem the man to take us forward and if we can keep Che mixed with a few new additions I do believe Blues can really challenge for the Play Offs next season which is fantastic news for everyone. Monk will showcase his abilities further, Che will increase his sale value and we as fans will have something to really sing about.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the Monk Effect but last season has only just finished and I’m already so optimistic about the next.

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