The Twang Announce New Album

Is it Christmas without The Twangmas special? Absolutely not! So here’s some good news for the fans out there, The Twang have announced they’ll be releasing a new album this November entitled “If Confronted Just Go Mad”.


It’s been 5 years since they last released a new record, although it doesn’t seem to feel this long. They’ve continued to be a presence on the music scene though with several shows, supporting other bands as well as their 10th Anniversary tour of “Love it When I Feel Like This” and the B-Side’s album “Subscription”.

As part of the announcement the boys released a sneak peak of the visuals for their lead single “Everytime” which are exceptionally nostalgic in nature. It looks and sounds like it’s going to be a class tune but we’ll have to wait until Friday (17th May) to find out for sure.


Five years out the studio could find people asking whether the boys will have lost their spark however having seen them live and listened to the clip on Instagram of the new track I think it’s fair to say that the sound may be slightly different, it seems a bit more upbeat at the least, but the energy never fails and so I expect we will get a great album come November.

The boys will be supporting Shed Seven as they tour later this year through November and December, neatly in time to promote their new album as well as announce a solo tour of their own no doubt. You can pre-order a signed copy of the album head to their Instagram Page for more details.

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