The Whisky Corner: Supermarket Whisky – McKendrick’s (Asda)

I spoke last week about my disappointment with the Whisky selection at Tesco but this week I was impressed with the range of own brand whisky at Asda, there were three “Extra Special” whisky’s from their finer range as well as the three year blended bottle. Tesco has essentially forced my hand with this one so I picked the three year bottle up.


Before I’d got to the till I was already apprehensive about this one, although Asda had made the effort to have a variety of bottles and even give this one a name the colour of it looked so artificial it was almost red and was a real turn off, I didn’t think this was a particularly good sign but even so at £11.25 it was a little bit cheaper than the Tesco bottle too and couldn’t do any harm.

The bottle itself felt as though there was more effort than expected for a cheap bottle, it was a red shiny label and on the back it gave a description of the whisky, what to expect in the taste as well as the fact it was distilled and blended in Scotland. The cap of the bottle had what appears to be a Scottish Thistle on top. It looked decent but the colour of the whisky was really of putting at first.

I opened the bottle and poured myself a dram, on the nose there was a bitter smell, the aroma of alcohol/ethanol a few notes of cinnamon and wood. There was something as well that I really couldn’t put my finger on and to be fair haven’t yet been able to work it out, a theme that has followed through to the taste.

Admittedly the redness disappeared as I poured this one into the Lockthelocks tumbler and the drink became more straw-like. I went for the swig and I must admit my senses were initially confused, I couldn’t really pick out a flavour there was so much going on but none of it complemented each other. As it began to settle I could pick out notes of peppermint, perhaps some smokey tones too, it was quite bitter and there was a tinny edge to it.


I was also surprised by the mouthfeel, it was quite heavy and sharp, it had a decent kick to its credit. There was however an aftertaste that remained that wasn’t pleasant.

I do feel like there was more effort put into their range of whisky and there was more to the bottle on this one, even the flavour feels as though someone did want to make something decent unfortunately it’s missed the mark for me. I wonder what the more expensive bottles are saying but this one is a 2/5 and that’s only because I feel a bit bad scoring it a 1/5 when I do feel it’s been made by someone who is at least trying.




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