BrightBurn Review

Ben Haden

I have never been a fan of Superman, personally I feel he is too righteous, too much of a goody goody and is far too overpowered. So what would happen if instead of becoming the hero we needed, he instead became the villain we deserved?

What Is Brightburn?

To put it simply Brightburn tells an alternative version of Superman, who instead of being a hero he instead uses his abilities for selfish and far more sinister gains. Set in a small town in Kansas called Brightburn the story follows the Breyer family, Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Deman) have been desperately trying for a baby to no avail. That is until one evening after a spacecraft and its passenger crashes to Earth both Breyers inspect and to their surprise find that the passenger is a baby where they decide to adopt and raise him as their own. Named Brandon, at the time of Tori and Kyle see this as a gift and tell their new son that he was adopted – hiding the truth from him while also sheltering the spacecraft under the barn.

Time passes and we arrive 10 years later just before the 12th birthday of Brandon. We get a glimpse of this idealistic family life that is until Brandon begins to act strange, being drawn to the ship hidden under the barn. This is where 12 year old begins to notice just how special he is, slowly noticing that he is not normal and of this world. As he begins to understand and come to grips of his abilities his personality begins to change – spurred on by a mysterious language emanating from the hidden ship, Brandon finally decides he is better than everyone else and begins to offer justice to those he feels wronged him. It is never clear why Brandon was sent from his home planet but from the message from the spacecraft it wasn’t to be a beacon of hope like we know of the original Superman.


Personally, I was really looking forward to this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it – with such a large amount of “do gooder” superhero movies being released Brightburn takes the superhero origin and flips it over to create something fresh. The 90 minute run time left me never feeling bored and nor did it feel too rushed, with its balanced pace I was left wanting to see more of Brandons escapades.

Unfortunately, the movie is not perfect, as a horror it builds up tension and has some fantastic moments. However like any horror movie, the director has attempted to give the audience a few too many jumpscare which become predictable resulting in minimal to no effect.

I am glad that this was a movie that has been made as I would be very interested in seeing what could be in store for the future. Could this be the start of an alternative universe of superhero movies where the heroes we love and root for are in fact the villains? The Superman formula worked because of how righteous he is along with the fact he is extremely overpowered.


Should you see this Brightburn when it is released on the 21st June? Personally yes, if you like superhero movies and want to see something familiar but also slightly different I would definitely recommend a night out (because who watches horrors in the day).

If you have seen it what did you think? What hero would you like to see get the villain treatment? You can let me know via Twitter @Bearded_Guy87

-Ben Haden


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