MoStack – Stacko: Album Review & Tour Details

Following the success of his Mixtape Highstreet Kid, MoStack has dropped his highly anticipated debut album along with a UK Tour to promote it.

I’m going to get in there first and say that I’m not a huge MoStack fan, it’s not for lack of ability as clearly he’d not be enjoying the rewards of his success if he didn’t have the ability, it’s just the whole sound isn’t for me. With that in mind I’ll try not to be unnecessarily harsh.

The album has a playful sound to it such is MoStacks style, catchy hooks and melodious beats I do find it far too easy to zone out and literally not even realise it’s playing in the background, something that’s okay for the odd track here and there but that creates serious issues when you’re trying to review an album, I also struggled to get past the first few tracks on my first couple of attempts of trying.

“Stinking Rich” was the first track to really peak my interest which is the third track on the album and the first to pull in a feature as Dave is on this track. The pair have worked together before and it always turns out decent, the other features on the album are Stromzy and Dolapo as well as a collaborative effort with Fredo on “I’m the One”.

“Girl Diary” was a track I was looking forward to, mostly because of how much MoStack had threw out the disclaimers for it as he goes on to speak about past relationships. That said there were no real wild revelations that I could pick up on and I guess not knowing anyone in that circle it doesn’t mean a great deal to me.

It’s a decent album if you’re into that, for me I do prefer MoStack as a bit of a feature artist. The album itself felt a bit as though it was repeating itself and became almost monotonous which is a shame, it’s an album that will go on in the background at a barbeque if we ever get a return of summer.

As I mentioned it’s not just the album, MoStack will also be touring this year kicking off in Dublin in October with his Brum date the 31st October and the final show being in London on 11th November. Tickets are priced at £20 with handling fees applicable depending on who you order through, so you’re looking about £23-£25 and it’s yet to sell out so you can still grab tickets here.

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