Summer Attire 19

We seem to be having a bit of a hit and miss summer at the minute, the February heatwave seems to have taken the heat early. They’re still saying we’re going to have the longest, hottest heatwave ever but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Anyway, whatever the weather we’ve got you covered so here’s this years Summer Attire post, an outfit of our choosing that we think will serve you well for the sunshine and beer gardens now there’s no Nations League Final to attend.

Babour Cascade Sports Cap


Starting from the head and working down there’s this Babour Sports Cap that has a thick material that gives it a kind of vintage look, it’s available in a range of colours but for this outfit I went with the Olive to throw a bit of contrast in.

Available from Terrace Menswear for £20 here.

EA7 Geometric T-Shirt Surf


The t-shirt of choice of the attire is this EA7 geometric design with large chunks of royal and navy blue as well as white. It’s another one from Terraces which does mean that if you get the hat too as the top is over £50 you won’t have to pay delivery for the pair.

At £65 from Terraces you might wish you were double XL so you could pay just £40 from Very here.

CP Company – Light Fleece Lens Pocket Sweatshorts

cp company.png

A great pair of Blue shorts from CP Company that will look class on a holiday abroad or just down the local. Featuring the cargo pocket with the classic CP Lens this pair come in at the steeper end of the shorts market at £135 from CP Company direct here.

Hugo Boss – Mix Full Zip Track Top

Hugo Boss

So although it’s summer I like to have a jacket of some description so for this outfit I’ve gone for a track top, light enough not to be too sweaty if it gets hot or to even carry but at the same time will keep the edge off the chilly evenings.

This Boss track top is a grey colour so goes well with the outfit and features contrasting black funnel neck and cuffs. It’s available from Scotts for £55 here.

Sock Council – Paninaro Calze


I know I said I don’t get the obsession with socks the other week but I thought it would be worth including them in this outfit as the shorts means the socks on show so for my first dabble into this scene I’ve gone for a pair from Sock Council as I thought what better place to start.

This Paninaro Calze pair are a blue with burgundy and tan diamonds, inspired by the Paninaro youth movement in Italy this pair comes in at £22 here.

Nike – Tailwind 79

nike tailwind

So to finish at the footwear and for a change I’ve not gone with Adidas as these Tailwinds really caught my eye. First seen in 1978 during the Honolulu Marathon it was the first to feature Nike’s Air Technology.

Available from Size? this pair come in at £80 here.

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