Peak of the Week: Luminance – NEIPA

Magic Rock Brewery do the best Porter, that’s a fact (Here’s the review just to make sure you’re fully up to date) and as I reviewed Inhaler the other week when I saw this one from them I thought it’s going to be worth a go. It’s not one from their core range so I believe it’s only available for a limited time.


So to the beer itself, I’m used to having small Magic Rock cans but this one was in a larger can, it’s an all black can with the crazy artistic designs that are customary with Magic Rock. It’s got multi-colour patterns over it, the name of the beer, a brief description as well as the fact it’s an NEIPA that comes in at 6.5% ABV.

As always it got poured into the Lockthelocks Beer Glass giving off a slight aroma of bitter hops. It poured a nice head which mostly held on through the beer, it was a thick and cloudy beer that comes out an amber blood colour.

I didn’t know what to expect with an NEIPA, in fact to begin with I didn’t even know what an NEIPA was, I thought perhaps it was to do with the region it was brewed in so my initial thoughts were it stood for North East IPA but it’s not. I was right that it was to do with where the style originated but it wasn’t the North East but in fact New England.

I took a swig and there was a light taste of the bitter hop, it was well balanced, a little bit floral and woody but overall a smooth drink to swig at. It was quite pleasant and so I’ve gone for 3/5 on this one.


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