Where Are They Now? Ravel Morrison

So to continue this month’s feature series “Where are they Now?” with last week’s being The Mitchell Brothers I’m looking at former Blues loanee Ravel Morrison.

ravel utd.jpg

Morrison was once tipped to be one of the greatest footballers and Alex Ferguson referred to him as one of the “most gifted young players” he worked with, he is often looked at as the player who could have had it all but has since faded into obscurity it seems.

Under Lee Clark Morrison almost had his loan deal cut short because of his attitude and this is a theme that has followed him throughout his career. It’s no secret the Manc Lad has had his run ins with the law and is from a rough environment originally but he seems to be trapped a bit which is rumoured to have fuelled his bad attitude.

ravel blues bcfc.jpg

It’s a shame because it has ultimately seen Morrison shipped abroad and his ability has been held back which in the long run can surely only hurt the player himself. I feel personally this has held back his career as it is as well as creating an attitude amongst English Clubs to not touch the player, despite his multitude of benefits.

Blues saw first-hand the creative brilliance Ravel has to offer, he was a great player (And still is) that could create chances and even managed to bag three goals as well. I think Morrison could really have achieved in England but with several managers unhappy with his work rate and attitude as well as Allardyce describing him as “the biggest waste of talent I ever worked with”.


In 2015 Ravel was signed by Lazio having been released by West Ham, once again his attitude was a problem and his lack of Italian was purported to be the reason behind his inability to integrate with the squad. Things had started off promising at Lazio but it wasn’t long till he was once again out on loan, returning to QPR before then also being loaned out to Mexican team Atlas.

Morrison has spoken of his spell at Lazio and summed it up as “the worst decision I’ve made in my life” he was then released by Lazio and has now signed a 6 month contract with Sweedish side Östersund.


It’s a shame such a promising talent has gone so to waste but he’s still young, at 26 there is still a real prospect we will see Ravel in the Premier League achieving what Fergie thought he could but until he gets his head right I think we will always talk of what could have been.

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