What’s On? Raise the Ruth

Here at Lockthelocks we’re looking to try and not only find the best Pubs in Brum with the Flip Some Beer Mats series, but also to bring you the best events taking place too. Tonight there is a charity event taking place to help a vulnerable individual within the local community.

Raise the Ruth is being organised by GraffitiArtist.Com taking place at their Custard Factory shop and will be showcasing some of the city’s most notable artists and creative works in an exhibition kicking off at 7pm finishing off with an auction and raffle winning a host of prizes donated by the wider community.


The Facebook Page describes the event further, I’ve added it below;

Raise the Ruth Is a pop up exhibition to raise money for the living expenses of our friend Ruth Gaskin, due to the negligence and shear incompetence of both the DWP and Birmingham City Council. The exhibition will feature exclusive works from some of Birmingham’s most notorious artists, plus a host of tickets for events and activities that have been kindly donated by the wider community.


Despite being chronically ill, and house bound for many years, with a list of debilitating conditions that require a cocktail of medication for pain management, the powers that be continue to make Ruth’s life difficult. She’s been sanctioned, AGAIN, this time by the city council, and they’ve cut her housing benefit until she stumps up a reported 5 grand for a supposed ‘over payment’. It’s hard enough watching her manage her illness without being able to do anything, but for her to then have to endure a cruel sanctions policy that is destroying countless thousands of lives around the country is intolerable. She should be focusing on her health, not whether she will have a roof over her head next month.

Tragically, this isn’t a unique case. That’s why this is also part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about the devastation that DWP policies and arbitrary sanctions are having on some of the most vulnerable people in the country, whilst at the same time taking the pressure off Ruth whilst she appeals her case.

When it is known that 70% of appeal cases are subsequently overturned, wasting thousands in unnecessary legal fees, as claimants are sanctioned starving or freezing to death in their own homes, or else made homeless, DWP officials are claiming 44 million in performance related bonuses. This is scandalous.

If you’d like to get involved please get in touch. We will not stand by whilst they roll the dice with the lives of people we care for.

Artist submissions and inquiries to harleydavies@hotmail.com



Crowdfunding Campaign:


Buy the T-shirt from our partners THTC – The Hemp Trading Company with 30% raised funds going to Ruth:


Read more about ‘Fit For Work’:


As public services are increasingly under the hammer and Universal Credit has received criticism from several various different institutions for the handling of its rollout, now more than ever it is important to come together as a community, helping those who need it most.

Sadly I believe Ruth’s situation is not unique with many people fearing the loss of a home or unsure where their next meal will come from, change is urgently needed but reluctant in coming.

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