What’s On? Godiva Festival

I’d usually do a kind of “What’s On” on a Friday but I don’t want to give you all such late notice for a decent event like this one.

Godiva strikes memories in me of being young, of all the Oakland’s lads meeting at the Swan beers from Pete’s sorted and straight onto the 900 for a day on the lash. We saw some fantastic artists at the event over the years with a personal highlight being Kano although there was also the resident band The Enemy on it too.


Over the years the event has grown, first the erected fences around it, then they tried to stop people bringing their own beer before finally they introduced a nominal fee, this year they’ve also introduced tickets which I didn’t realise until yesterday hence why I’m getting this out today.

The event now also spans over three days, this year there are some great acts but the one I’m focusing on first is The Twang. You can literally see The Twang this weekend for a mere £2, which is absolutely amazing value however you look at it as they take the stage at 6:40 on the Saturday before Reef and then Feeder, all for £2!

Baby Shark artist will kick things off on the Saturday because this one is a family festival. There’ll also be a host of family activities and a fairground as well as amazing food on offer but if the Saturday isn’t your thing you can kick Friday off with a bit of light music or why not see The Selecter on the Sunday along with Busted and Steel Banglez.

It’s definitely one worth attending in my opinion and I have some fantastic memories (And have heard some fantastic stories when my memory has, ahem, fallen short).


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