Peak of the Week: Camden Town Brewery – Hols Lager

This week’s Peak of the Week comes from Camden Town Brewery. I’ve had their Hells lager previously so given my new found love of fruity beers I thought I’d give their Hols a try too. I was going to grab three lagers and review them against each other (I’ll do that another time) but I found next week’s Peak of the Week and the week afters and they weren’t in the 3 for £5.75 so I just went for this as a solo review for now.


The beer itself came in a small can, it was holiday inspired tropical scene behind the large name of the beer. It was bright and did give the impression it would be nice to be sat on a beach swigging it straight from the can but I instead poured it into the Lockthelocks glass.

There was a strong fruity smell, it reminded me a bit of Lilt. The beer was an amber, slightly cloudy colour, it looked a little less like a traditional lager and a bit more like a pale ale, it produced a thin head which did fade out further but stuck around for the majority of the drink.

It was a beer I had high expectations for in all honesty, it’s not often I find a Craft Lager mostly because with lager I do stick to what I know (Watch this space though) but with this one and a bit of sun I was sold. The taste however was less tropical than on the nose, this was far from an issue it’s just an observation.


The further into the beer I got there was mostly the flavour of hops, there was a little sour fruity note and a bit of the malt came through. It was all a decent balance I felt and there was a slightly bitter aftertaste. The mouth feel was mostly frothy which was odd given the lack of head and there was light carbonation, it was a really good lager.

I’m going to give this one 4/5.


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