Series Watch: Stranger Things Series 3

Netflix’s hottest series Stranger Things returned on the 4th July and it’s smashed Netflix records with the complete series being viewed by 40 million households in under four days. An impressive stat indeed.

The third series brought more electronic 80’s with the introduction of a neon lit mall in Hawkins, there was even some fantastic nods to the era with Hopper evolving into Magnum PI while being pursued by a Russian Terminator. One thing I wish I’d done prior to watching the series though was to catch back up on the first two but even without that it was a series that captured the spark of the first series again.

I’ll be honest, series two was a bit dry, it’s true. Not because they filled in Eleven’s back story, I actually wanted more of that, but because it just lacked a spark, a magic that series one had given us. Series 3 however felt like an old slipper, comfortable despite the kids having grown up and even moved apart.

I really enjoyed bringing them back together, but as in life things do change, people grow up and drift apart or like different things but of course an old enemy, an old threat returns. The group is too divided though and I think that worked more in its favour as we were able to split them apart to work of discovering the truth, each group didn’t realise what the other knew or was doing.


I love the evolution of Steve, he’s become an integral part of the group and brings an excellent sense of humour to it all. There’s of course the addition of a couple of new characters with Lucas’s sister playing a major role in this one. Robin played by Maya Hawke who may look familiar, she’s Uma Thurman’s daughter.

The MindFlare’s grip is getting stronger as he tries to reach through the portal, last series connection to Will has taught it a thing or two which helped turn this series into a possession/morphing kind of monster that is able to control hundreds of rats merging them into one creature and even possess other characters. This has devastating consequences on Billy but he’s not the only casualty, Dr. Alexei became a character we all grew to love so his demise was tough.

Of course the biggest talking point (And, CAUTION: SPOILERS!) was Hopper. Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he the American in Russia? Well, I guess it’s time for my fan theory.

Stranger Things 3.jpg

When the machine they were using to try and re-open the portal malfunctioned in the first episode, we saw heaps of flesh where the individuals near it had been vaporised but at the end we didn’t see this of Hopper, this to me suggests he’s not dead. I’ve seen people speculate that he is the American in Russia, I don’t think he is.

I believe Hopper jumped into the Upside Down prior to the machine exploding and the crack closing, the Upside Down appears to be a reflection of the real world so 3 months to walk to Russia from Yankland seems like quite an achievement, I believe he is still stuck wondering around the Upside Down. So who was the American in the cell? Our Latest Release writer Ben Haden gave me a theory, it’s the Dr who created Eleven.

Whoever it is, series four is going to be interesting. I think Stranger Things is only going to go from strength to strength and the fact there is a cliffhanger on this one rather than a completely rapped up ending sits a bit better with me.


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