Tees of the Month – AMF Edition

It’s that time again and this month’s Tee’s of the Month has a slight theme, I thought given the incompetence of the EFL, the collapse of Bury and near extinction of Bolton, the super inflated wages and the complete lack of loyalty or passion I thought I’d go with the theme “Against Modern Football”. As always it’s five of the tops I’ve spotted in no particular order.

Closer Than Most – Jumpers For Goalposts AMF

Closer Than Most AMF

To kick the list off it’s one of my favourites and a regular feature here Closer Than Most, in particular their Jumpers for Goalposts AMF tee. Featuring a casual in a bucket hat, Stoney, shorts and Adidas footwear kicking a Subbuteo ball it’s got a great deal of AMF mottos around the edge including supporting Grassroots and football being for the fans.

It’s available for £30 from Closer Than Most here .

Peaceful Hooligan – Against Modern Football

AMF Peacufl.png

Second on the list comes from Peaceful Hooligan, it’s a design with three images on like Polaroid pictures of vintage scenes of young lads playing football back in the day above the slogan Against Modern Football.

It features the PH dove on the arm as well as branded button clasp at the back and branding on the lower hem. It comes in a blue and is available from Peaceful Hooligan direct here.

For Those Involved – AMF Terry Butcher


Third on the list is the iconic image of Terry Butcher with his head taped up but covered in blood and the caption “They don’t make them like they used to.” In reference to today’s softly softly player who will be out for six weeks if the wind blows too hard.

The top comes in a range of colours although we’ve gone for the white one here and they will set you back between £20 and £27 depending on size here.

Stand AMF


Doing a feature of Against Modern Football you can’t not include the fanzine itself, Stand AMF and their own merchandie tee, a football badge style tee with the logo for Against Modern Football.

It comes in at £16 from the website here.

Ultras – Against Modern Football


Finally, you know it’s bad when even the Yanks are against modern football so I thought I’d include this one on the list too, it’s from the USA “Soccer” Ultras and features a football with the words Against Modern Football on the stripes. I’ll be honest the top does look similar to the design that you’d associate with Original Casuals but as they didn’t have an AMF tee at the minute I’ve gone with this one.

It’ll set you back just under twenty-quid at £19.47 and comes in black with contrasting red image. You can buy it from the website here.

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