The Rise of Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is quickly establishing himself as a quality player that has a bright, bright future ahead of him. He’s only 16 years old and has already become the youngest player to appear for Blues in the Caraboa Cup, breaking Trevor Francis record, before then taking his sights to the title of youngest ever Blues goal scorer as he opened his account on his debut against Stoke.

Bellingham Eng

Blues fans are certainly aware of the youngsters potential so it’s good to see he’s announced himself on an international level too as he shone so much during the Syrenka Cup he won Player of the Tournament whilst netting three goals. It’s an exciting time for the youngster and for us as fans, while he’s in a Blues shirt anyway.

Bellingham is still so young and we’ve seen players at this age come through that look as though they’ll really change the course of footballing history only to fade out or worse let their attitude get in the way. At this age it really is a balancing act, when I was 16 I was stoned out my nut drinking Carling or Glenn’s Vodka in Oaklands trying to get my end away, of course I wasn’t gifted in the football department so didn’t put the effort in that Bellingham has.

At the start of the season I didn’t envisage the youngster getting into the squad, maybe on the bench every now and again and the rare few minutes at the end but it seems likely that Jude will make it into the squad and have more minutes than just running the clock down at the end of a game. Pep has spoken of the importance of not applying too much pressure to Jude just yet but at the same time has essentially confirmed he will be getting more game time, I feel we as fans will be able to help progress the player by getting behind him, you can see how much it means to us too by the scenes against Stoke, so I think this support is definitely there.


Players like Jude help to boost the profile of the clubs academy which I already feel has a good reputation. I’ve spoken before about the importance of nurturing the youth for the benefit on the pitch but also it’s a revenue stream if we can then move players on for the right price, Jude is someone that I think can set the mould. We have to expect, if he continues as he is, he will be gone maybe not this summer but certainly next but we should also expect a price that reflects the investment put in by the club, the potential the player has and the market rate against his ability.

While he is in a Blues shirt though let’s enjoy our time with him and hopefully we will benefit as he flourishes and progresses.


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