Series Watch: Peaky Blinders

We’re into the final third of Series 5 of Peaky Blinders now and it’s explosive to say the least, it’s added a new dynamic with Tommy in politics but somehow many of the same issues appear to have followed him, war with the Billy Boys seems certain and there’s concerns within the Shelby family itself.

I must admit that the previous series seem to have built up slowly whereas Series 5 has jumped straight in and slowed down slightly as we reach the conclusion, the image of Aberama Gold’s son raised on a cross is still burning vividly in my mind at the very least and as he managed to slip out of hospital and reach Scotland I’m waiting for the explosive battle that is certain to follow.

There doesn’t seem to yet be a resolution in sight for Michael who is a loggerheads with the family since losing their investments on the Stock Exchange, although the tension probably comes more from the rumours he’s been making deals with the enemies of the Peaky Blinders. I don’t know that Michael is trusted any longer but I also don’t know that what’s been suggested is true, Michael isn’t cut from the same cloth as his cousins that’s fair to say but I don’t think he’d betray them like that and a lot has to be put at the feet of this gobby Yank bird he’s with.

History teaches us that Oswald Mosely fades into obscurity, his plans are never realised and his political party the New Party (Which later becomes the British Union of Facists) eventually becomes banned but we’re at the point when he has just parted ways with Labour and is looking into setting up the New Party with the help of many people of interest. I think we will likely see Oswald dealt with just as the Billy Boys are as it is clear the two are linked, but given the historical path of Mosley I doubt it will be the last we see of him.

Finally, what will become of the man himself? Tommy has become visibly distressed, his rants with Ada indicate a man who is mentally unstable and his tenuous grasp on his empire is certainly being challenged as people feel he has dropped the ball a bit, moving into politics. I’ve even seen fan theories concerned with Tommy’s health given a nasty cough that has featured prominently in this series, personally I don’t think that’s something that is coming for Tommy, at least not this series, but who knows. He’s taken a few beatings in his time and is likely to have some residual health problems as a result.

All in all I know we can expect an exciting and explosive end to the series which has so far been the most successful of the lot. Arthur’s wife is a concern as is Michael’s, if it wasn’t for Lizzie taking payment I’d say she was a worry too but I think Tommy has got her on side enough to be a help. Roll on Sunday!

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