Flip Some Beer Mats -Burning Soul Brewery (Joint session)

So after a day at work, old naughty Doyle dropped me a line and said he fancied a few jars so I decided to meet up with him and pop into somewhere that’s been on my list for a while, The Burning Soul.

The burning soul is a small brewing company situated at the back of Constitution Hill in a lock up unit, they brew their own beers play music and to be fair deliver a decent little atmosphere.

A very simple place with a pool table and limited seating, you get the idea the beer does the talking here. Motley Crue playing in the background this place wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of sons of anarchy.

Me and Liam enter and I ask him his initial thoughts.

Joe (J) : so what do you think then kid?

Doyle (D) : it’s alright I suppose bit of a shithole though.

(J) : do you get the idea the beer is important here?

(D) : yeye you can tell it’s about the taste and quality, as it says on the wall, beer trumps hate.

(J) : What would you say makes it stand out?

(D):For a small lock up in the middle of nowhere it’s busy, good atmosphere good music, obviously the beer is good which attracts the crowd.

(J) : We’ve had the ice cream pale ale 5.6% £2.50 for a 1/2pint do you think the value is their?

(D) : Yeah defo better than a pint of carling for 2.50 at least you can taste it.

(J) : Would you come back again?

(D) : Yeah defo. Maybe with an extra coat, nippulus erectus like.

(J) : Haha agreed so beer mats then lad, how many?

(D) : Solid 4, in the summer easy 5 if it wasn’t cold.

The burning soul is open fridays 4pm – 8pm and Saturdays 1pm – 8pm so be sure to remember this when you’re passing through!

PS the T-shirt’s and hoodies are also pretty cool! I’ve treated myself to a tee!

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