Running Out of Steam?

Blues are now without a win in their last five fixtures although we remain six points off the play offs which is quite fortunate.

Our last few performances haven’t been amazing and on Saturday Blues did well to come back and secure a point, our shot tally was back in double figures but we still only managed to get 30% of them on target.

A lack of goals is something that does concern me, but that could be because I realise I’ve been a bit ambitious. I keep looking at the play off spots and not thinking there’s any reason we shouldn’t be aiming for these but we do have a relatively inexperienced squad and looking to ensure we survive is the first importance. Blues are 9 points off the relegation zone and six off the play off spots so I don’t particularly think Blues are in any danger, it’s going to be quite a mundane season.

There were still positives to be taken from the game and were Blues given that penalty it would have been a different story but I talk all the time about not wanting to get sucked into adding up positives not points. Blues haven’t been clinical enough this season and if promotion was to be our aim, this has been our downfall.

I think we always knew that Blues would slow down at some point, we usually suffer a blip in the season and I’m hoping this is what’s happening now as the right investment in January could see us pull out of the slowdown.

Marc Roberts suffered a nasty ankle injury which is a blow, Roberts has been a staple part of the team this season and his beast of a throw definitely comes in useful. Villalba also found himself injured, although hopefully it’s not something serious and perhaps more just a strain, he signalled to be brought off himself as a result.

It’s been said by a few people but Trueman’s apparent understanding of the game is decent, making a couple of saves that tested him, but it’s unfortunate he’s not been able to keep a cleansheet yet; it’ll come. Bellingham deserves a massive mention, he’s come through this season and instantly has helped to transform the team! His silky footwork and ability to take on a man has been huge for Blues and the style they’re trying to adapt.

It was actions off the pitch that made for the bigger talking points as, when Millwall’s goal went in, there appeared to be at least two Millwall fans celebrating in the Tilton. This did not go down well. The lads were given a bit of a slap and removed for their own safety by the stewards. This is despite their own end not having sold it so it does leave you to wonder why they bothered to sit in the home end, are they local and unable to get tickets in their own end who knows.

Hopefully Blues can return to winning ways soon, in fact I don’t doubt we can, as the end of the year fast approaches we will no doubt begin to turn our attentions to the transfer window. For now we’ll Keep Right On!

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