Flip Some Beer Mats – The Blarney Stone (Tenerife Special)

So as a few of you are aware I hopped on a plane the other week with the family and swapped grey skies for sunshine as we headed to Tenerife to celebrate the old man turning the ripe old age of 60! We went all inclusive so I didn’t venture too far out but when I did I kept returning to this one Irish Bar called the Blarney Stone!

Located near Los Gigantes in Puerto de Santiago The Blarney Stone is a welcoming, traditional pub that serves a carvery on a Sunday (Although we didn’t go so I can’t comment on this) and has a decent selection of beers on draft. They serve food in the day and on the evening as well as providing nightly entertainment.

Me and my dad popped out for a brief walk while everyone else sat round the pool. We walked down towards the beach from our hotel and on the front were a few shops which we popped into. I’d not brought sunglasses with me so I was after a pair and once we’d secured these I needed somewhere to pop the loo so I suggested we grab a pint and have an eye on the Blues score. We walked down from the shops and to the bar which was located just below ground level.

We grabbed a proper lager each, an Amstell and Stella costing just over 6€ scattered out the beer mats and sat down at a table. There was also Hop House (Which I switched to next as I know it’s Az’s favourite beer) and Guinness on draft that caught my eye as well as a selection of bottled beers, there was a Bitter too I saw (I think it was John Smiths) and a variety of spirits.

The gentleman behind the bar was very welcoming, we had a bit of a chat and he joked about the woman he was working alongside having been trying to get back home ever since they moved out there. He offered to open a tab but we didn’t intend to stay too long having left everyone back at the resort and once the final score came in (Blues won for the first time in far too long to make it through to the next round of the cup) we headed off. It wasn’t to be the last time I visited the bar though.

Towards the end of the holiday I returned with the Mrs and kids and we had a drink and lunch here. We both opted for the Chicken Zinger while the kids had the chicken nuggets. Two pints, four meals, two cokes and a fruitshoot all came in to about the 40€ mark which I didn’t think was too bad at all. The Mrs commented on how nice the place was and that it would probably have been our most regular haunt had we not been all inclusive around the corner.

I joked the only thing it was lacking to make it a proper Irish bar was the crisp selection, I could only see Walkers, where were they Tayto? I was sat round the corner though so they may have been somewhere. We laughed and left.

It’s a 5/5 beer mats from me!

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