I Think We Forgot, But We Should Never Forget!

As Blues fans “Keep Right On” is very appropriate for our club anthem, the anthem we fans belt out in the good times and the bad. The lyrics “It’s a long, long road” are never truer than when you follow a club who constantly seems to be on the verge of major achievements.

We saw the dizzy heights of success in the Premier League, even managing to secure a major honour by winning the Carling Cup in the process. If you look back further we always seemed to be on the cusp of Promotion from the First Division, we won the Football League Trophy twice in the 90’s as well as promotion into the First Division.

Blues have unfortunately been plagued with poor owners over the years, from Coombs, Wheldon, Kumars, Sullivan & Gold, Yeung and now Trillion Trophy Asia who are far more ambiguous than any previous owners. They have no former association with the club, no business history (Or at least no in the Western World) to suggest they could run a football club successfully. They’ve put a bit of money in, this much is true, but they have made mistake after mistake that has cost our club and punished us as fans.

Ultimately we as fans have been duped and have become complacent. The promise of the owners having “a bit of money” has left us to kind of put up with everything else that has come with it but I think enough is enough. We can’t wait around forever as things go from bad to worse. The problem is what can we do when measures that the Trust put in place to help protect us from our ground being sold aren’t even working?

I know people will call for boycotts and that’s fine. I’ve never really been a fan of boycotts but at the end of the day they do hit the pocket of owners which becomes more noticeable especially when owners are on another continent and have no respect for the fans nor interest in them.

One thing I would love to see, and would ultimately have the same impact, is fans jumping the fence and filling the ground. Now it’s certainly not something I’m calling for, it’s certainly no that easy to do in this day and age, but they’d soon start questioning what’s going on when fans still come out to support the team but their pockets aren’t being lined. We need protests too, we need to make St Andrews intimidating for the owners, we need to take our club back and soon.

Another thing that was mentioned last week was the accounts which Almajir analysed and you can read that here. Directors wages was the bit that caught my eye and while it does talk of the directors wages being recharged by the holding company it’s frustrating to see they’ve given themselves more than 100% increase on their wages and even subbed the biggest prick out the lot of them over 45grand indefinitely. It feels like Pannu all over again!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again but the EFL need to take a long hard look at themselves and accept their failings in this whole situation, in fact they need to look at their failings over Bury, Bolton, Portsmouth, Coventry and a whole raft of other clubs that have been failed miserably by them.

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