Peak of the Week – Wildcard Brewery DDH IPA

For this week’s Peak of the Week it’s the last of the Christmas beers before we start to focus on our Brewery of the Month’s Beers.

We’ve reviewed their King of Hearts which is their Pale Ale but the DDH is exclusively brewed for Tesco. Founded in 2012 at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate Walthamstow, Wildcard Brewery is now a regular feature in supermarkets and craft beer stores around the country.

DDH IPA comes in at 7.5% ABV so is a strong beer indeed. It has the querky can design with bright vibrant colours which you come to expect from Wildcard, this time opting for an all seeing clock with arrows crossing over behind it. The back of the can informs that it’s a Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale and the ingredients as well as the fact it’s a naturally hazy beer.

I opened the can to pour into the Lockthelocks Glass and was instantly greeted with the aroma of the dry hops and barley. I poured it and it was indeed hazy as described, almost cloudy like a wheat beer with a strong white head on it.

On the nose once it was in the glass you could get more fruity and juicy notes which made this one quite appealing. I swigged at this one and was glad I didn’t faff about with a sip, it was a nice, sweet beer with fruity tastes coming through, it was slightly crisp and generally refreshing.

Overall it was a very nice beer and I give it a 5/5 again, I don’t know if it was Christmas making me so generous with both the beers received getting a 5 but I think it’s the right ratings.

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