Brewery of the Month – Two Towers Brewery

So, having failed miserably with last months Brewery of the Month, I thought it would be a good learning curve to make sure I’d actually planned a bit more thoroughly. I’ll be revisiting Dig Brew in the coming weeks, I won’t be defeated on this, but for this month I thought I’d use the gift I received off my sister for Christmas and thus make them Brewery of the Month. The gift is a Brewery Tour which I’ve booked in for the 22nd February!

As the tour is booked in it means that I don’t have to worry about turning up when they’re closed like I did with last months brewery, instead I’ll be able to schedule a full write up for the last week of the month. Again I’d like to try and get you an interview with someone at the Brewery, a few beer reviews and a special Flip Some Beer Mats.

What We Know So Far

Two Towers Brewery are located on Shadwell Street in Birmingham with The Gunmakers Arms Pub. It began life in 2009 in a kitchen in Edgbaston with a vision to bring proper ales back to Birmingham. They chose a location they felt reflected Birmingham’s industrial heritage and the name Two Towers came from the fact the pair could see the Two Towers on Edgbaston’s reservoir, the choice was cemented when they realised the connection with J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As we’ll be doing the tour I’ve had a look on TripAdvisor and it’s definitely positive feedback so that’s always a good sign. Having looked for an idea of which beers to try (Depending on what’s available on the day of course) and there’s definitely a lot of choice, in fact a lot of the beers have Brum inspired names which I really liked including one after The Electric which even features the venues iconic style logo.

Stay tuned to see how we get on.

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