The Whisky Corner – Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt (Drinks by the Dram Special)

We’re down to the penultimate whisky in the gift set I received for Christmas and it’s fair to say that I’m quite hooked on the ability to sample a variety of whisky, I genuinely think it’s one of the best presents I’ve had and that the whole concept is a stroke of genius from Master of Malt.

This week we’ve opted for the Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt that comes in at 43% ABV. It’s an Islay whisky with the distillery located to the south of the island in a village called Lagavulin. The distillery dates back to 1816 when John Johnston and Archibald Campbell Brooks both constructed separate distilleries on the locations only for them to eventually merge and become Lagavulin Whisky. Lagavulin is known for its producer’s use of a slow distillation speed and pear shaped pot stills.

So to the whisky itself, it had a honey coloured complexion which I thought suggested it would be a smoky whisky and I was right. As I poured it into the Lockthelocks Glass there was strong smoky notes on the nose, roast, peat and coffee all also found their way through. It was certainly a lot to take in and gave the impression it would be a full bodied dram.

I sipped the whisky and got nutty, oak flavours washed in a sea of peat and smoke, the whisky itself felt heavy on my mouth and there were other notes of coffee and bitter. It felt like an explosion of taste in my mouth and as definitely flavoursome, there seemed to be a lot going on with this one. It then came to a long finish which pulled through spicy notes. It really was a great whisky.

Of course I do have to be honest and as good as this whisky was, it wasn’t for me. Although I’ve began to enjoy a light smoky peat whisky this was just too much for me, the explosion of flavours it was a bit too much and the peat was too strong. It’s going to be the first double score for me because as a whisky from an impartial perspective it’s 5/5 all day long, if it’s the style of whisky you enjoy this one has to be tried, from personal preference though it’s 2/5 for me. That’s simply because the positive way this bursts with flavour, is flavour that I just don’t enjoy so much, I can appreciate it though and would likely have another one in the future if I was showing it to someones else.

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