Can Hogan Make it Four?

Blues face Brentford tomorrow at St Andrews on the back of an absolutely fantastic run that even news of a potential points deduction (Again!) can’t dampen and whatever happens next, I think it’s safe to say you’ve done us proud.

Brentford find themselves sat in fourth spot with two wins out their last five. I think under our current form it’s a game that we can win. That said runs need to come to an end, I’d hope it’s not sooner rather than later but who knows. Blues are top of the form table though having shown an ability that most fans knew was possible.

There are two key drivers as I see it, firstly the return of the Pen Blocker, the Shot Stopper, the man, the myth, the legend that is Lee Camp. Obviously our recent form coinciding with his return is something that has been explored multiple times over by many different outlets so I’m going to keep it there for now. Secondly, Hogan’s goals have certainly done bits for Blues.

I don’t know how long he can keep scoring goals in every game but the important thing is that he’s a player that actually does know how to find the net, it’s even helped Juke again like when he and Che could be guaranteed to get a goal. most games. I hope this is a good omen but one thing we’ve yet to see from Hogan is how he handles himself when he’s getting targeted as I’m sure we will see happen while he’s scoring.

Blues don’t have the best of runs against Brentford in their last five meetings having won only one of those games, although that win came this season early on when we we’re playing decent so perhaps we’ve met them again at the right time. The last time we beat them at St Andrews was 2016 so it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Blues will still be missing Mrabti, Maghoma and McEachran all of whom are sidelined through injury but I don’t particularly think that’s an issue. The man in the middle of this one is Stephen Martin who has taken charge of 26 games, shown a total of 58 yellow cards or just over two a game, as well as showing two reds an awarding four penalties.

My prediction for this game is 2-1 Blues.

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