Still Nothing Great About Britain!

I was going to post this yesterday, then I thought “Nah,” but having watched the video a few times now I can’t help but get more and more pissed off by it.

Slowthai is a rapper whose ideology is one of rebellion, I compared his debut album “Nothing Great About Britain” to a Punk album because that’s very much a big element of it. At the NME Awards this week his Punk side just came out as a petulant child as he whined about his speech being ruined by the audience before trying to have it off with one of the crowd.

Now, I know the crowd didn’t help. Whoever was heckling Slowthai, whoever threw the mic and the pint back, whoever it was goading Slowthai to jump off the stage and go for it was as much to blame. The oldish dude that didn’t look (In the clips I’ve seen anyway) like he’d ever had it off in his life can’t completely play the victim but Slowthai is now in a position whereby he can’t particularly be flying into the audience over every little thing.

There was also his behavior towards Katherine Ryan which made for uncomfortable viewing as well as having the Internet Police on full alert because some people can’t accept that Katherine wasn’t bothered by the incident. We’re very much getting to a point in life where everything is sterile, you can’t show emotion because it might offend someone or be deemed unacceptable but in truth it should only be considered an issue when it’s crossing a line, when it’s actions against another person of violence or against their consent. If the two people involved are fine with the situation who are we to say it’s not right when nothing wrong has occurred.

I suspect alcohol got the better of him but that’s no excuse, the irony of behaving like that whilst accepting a “Hero” award is ridiculous. He’s still quite young and still quite raw though it’s worth remembering so rather than vilify him, perhaps guide him through this new world, teach him how to behave with compassion and understanding because it’s completely different to where he’s come from.

Other than that the NME’s passed off quite uneventfully with minimal surprises as to who walked away with the awards. Of course with it’s being uneventful aside from Slowthai’s actions, he’s going to receive all the heat for it.

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