Peak of the Week: Tiny Rebel – Cwtch (Welsh Red Ale)

It’s another one from Tiny Rebel for this week’s Peak of the Week. I’ve been catching up with a few over the last couple of weeks and really finding which of their beers I prefer. I think I’ll even do a comparsion review of each Tiny Rebel beer I’ve tried, ultimately crowning a winner, but for now we’re just reviewing this Welsh Red.

Tiny Rebel being a Welsh Brewery provides plenty of nods towards its heritage but this Welsh Red Ale I think it the biggest of the lot. I’d not come across it before so didn’t particularly know what to expect which I do sometimes enjoy. It’s nice to go in with absolutely no expectations, especially when you come out satisfied at the other end.

The can was yellow and a bit psychedelic in design. I opened the can and got a bit of hops and spices, I poured it slowly into my glass. The beer was a brass colour almost, as it poured it produced a small head. I explored the nose further revealing something nutty almost, there were also berries and malt. It smelt delicious.

I took a swig and was rewarded with an explosion of flavour, the hops, the malt, it all came together fantastically producing notes of toffee, berry. There were slightly bitter undercurrents as well as fruit and spice all complementing each other excellently.

As I say I went in with no expectations but even without a bar it smashed it. It’s a really strong 4/5 for me on this one.

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