Series Watch: Afterlife

Following the fantastic first season, which we absolutely loved here at Lockthelocks, Ricky Gervais returned for a second season of Afterlife.

At the end of Season One we’re left thinking that Tony (Ricky Gervais) has turned a corner as he’s met Emma (Ashley Jenson), a carer who is looking after his dad, and finally broken down his own barriers to let her in. As Season Two kicks off we see he’s relapsed a bit.

Back are the videos of Lisa (Kerry Godliman) late at night while bottles of wine get sunk, he’s taken a step back from his relationship with Emma as he’s not yet over Lisa so we see one of the real challenges that face those who lose a loved one. The fact you never get over them.

I was always concerned with how season two would turn out because it strikes me as a one season series. There’s surely not much more that can be done with the season and it’s brilliance certainly comes from its emotional connection and the portrayal of Tony. He fought his demons but of course there’s always going to be more, I just feel that for the purpose of TV we just need to follow that period of his life. I suppose if the new season was wildly different it would be fine but for me my concerns were realised as I watched season two.

It seemed a repeat of the first season, it seemed there were less moments that choked you up a bit, it seemed more of a kind of sitcom than the emotionally brilliant first season. Tony was more annoying, his friends less supportive, the biggest event in the season came too near the end to be able to be sufficiently developed. I was really disappointed this time around, in comparison to season one, but overall it wasn’t a bad show.

One of the highlights for me was seeing the Postie (Joe Wilkinson) date with Roxy (Roisin Conaty) as the pair are two of the stand out characters in this series I think. I know they’re both only side plots but who doesn’t want to see a homeless postman take a bath in someones house?

Overall I think it’s a great series still, I think season two doesn’t add much to it but I think that’s partly because season one set such a precedent.

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