Tees of the Month – May

Tees of the Month – May

The usual suspects form my list of tees once again this month with one or two not making on because their tees are either yet to be released or have sold out before I’ve produced this list. There doesn’t seem to be as many new and interesting ones this month but I suppose a lot of people will be in holiday mode now so things will no doubt be quietening down.

For Those Involved – Casual

Casuals - For Those Involved2

The first in my list doesn’t feature often. If you’ve not seen me mention them before it’s because their line of tees doesn’t get updated that regularly although they do have a great line of mugs and phone cases which I’ll probably run through another time.

This one has the word “Casual” in the Clarks font which is a common theme at the moment, Casual Connoisseur have used it and I’m sure I saw another line use it also (Although if not then it’s really not that common). The usual, almost mandatory image of a man in CP is illustrated from the unusual angle of beneath his Adidas trainers and the white on black contrast makes this one really stand out.

Available from www.fticasualclothing.com direct for £24.99.

Closer Than Most – Designer Violence

Closer Than Most - Designer Violence

Closer Than Most are one of my favourites and do generally appear on my lists almost every time. Designer violence comes in two colours although my favourite is the light blue on blue. A nod towards the casual’s uniform this one shows the vintage Head Bag made iconic in bringing back hauls from Europe during the 80’s, the usual goggle jacket, Stone Island jumper, Adidas trainers and a football.

Available from www.closerthanmost.com for £28.

Weekend Offender – Vicious

Weekend Offender - Vicious

The third tee on my list is Weekend Offenders Vicious tee which is a Polaroid snap of from The Firm (Original not Nick Love remake). Weekend Offender have done a few Polaroid style tees lately and so they must be enjoying the outcome, I think this one’s hit the nail on the head.

Available from www.weekendoffender.com for £29.

Adidas Original – Retro T-Shirt – Yellow/Black


Simple but eye catching, in the Jamaica colour way this retro three stripped tri foil tee is a classic and released now can be purchased in time for the Jamaica Island Series trainers.

Available from most retailers for £29.

Fila – Players T-Shirt – Scotts Exclusive

Fila - Players Tee - Scotts Exclusive

This is a little different from the usual Fila Tee’s which are either retro or (To be completely honest) shit. It’s about time Fila tried to diversify a bit and they’re looking good. The players Tee is in keeping with the usual style of tees on this list and features an almost Andy Warhole-esk image of four Subbuteo players.

Exclusive design for Scotts and available for £25.

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